Ongoing Support Groups

To our clients who participated in our services, our staff and peer educators, we are indebted to you for the ways you touched our lives, inspired our hearts, and gave meaning and purpose to our work. There is no doubt that we are better people because of the work we have done with you and Beyond Hunger.

Beyond Hunger’s programs are effective.

In 2014, a comprehensive independent evaluation of our program found that Beyond Hunger group participants significantly improved on assessments measuring intuitive eating, body acceptance and emotional wisdom and experienced a reduction of eating disorder symptoms. Participants in this sample indicated overall support for the Beyond Hunger program in an online questionnaire. Most participants viewed Beyond Hunger as a positive and important part of their eating disorder, body image and eating recovery. Several themes emerged from the responses: Readiness to Change: “I have battled with bulimia& emotional eating for years and I’m ready to stop”; Connecting with Others: “Sharing each other’s feelings and experiences made me realize I was not alone”; and Group Support: “Being in a group process such as Beyond Hunger opened me up in many ways–I no longer had to keep my feelings to myself and had the opportunity to connect to people in a new way” (Dr. Camerin Ross, 2014).