Our dream is that, by sharing our own and others’ experiences, individuals across the world will be able to find the inherent wisdom of their bodies, make peace with their food, and relish their divine nature.

On the quest to help people everywhere love their bodies, make peace with food, and discover their power, Beyond Hunger hopes to expand our programs into many different communities.

Our future goals include:

  • Establishing a national and international presence via the Internet.
  • Expanding Beyond Hunger’s public outreach through more presentations and workshops within schools and Community Centers.
  • Addressing the unique cultural pressures of at-risk youth and their families, especially within the Latino community.
  • Providing training for therapists throughout the country in order to expand the work of Beyond Hunger.
  • Establishing support groups for men and boys.
  • Establishing support groups for families of individuals who suffer from disordered eating.
  • Providing support groups throughout the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Holding two day Beyond Hunger workshops around the country and eventually worldwide.