Maria Raquel Gramajo
Maria Raquel is from Guatemala and immigrated to the United States in her pre-teen years. She is a 1st generation college graduate who now works in the health industry serving disadvantaged communities. She works at La Clinica de La Raza as the Executive Assistant to the CMO.

Maria Raquel has been part of the Beyond Hunger family for over a decade. She came to us looking for help when she was struggling with her own eating disorder in her early teen years. With the limited resources and minimal knowledge of eating disorders in her community, she had nowhere else to go. She attributes her recovery to the wonderful services and programs Beyond Hunger offers and has joined our Board of Directors. As a woman of color her passions include empowering all women and giving back to communities that need it the most. Through her lived experiences, she hopes to empower people and ignite love and acceptance for their very own body.

Kellie Grigg
Kellie is a Bay Area native who returned after college to begin working as a Financial Analyst. She works for an equestrian footwear and apparel company in the East Bay. Outside of work she enjoys an active lifestyle and is an avid hiker and yogi. Motivated from her personal recovery journey, Kellie became dedicated to helping others in the eating disorder community. She joined Beyond Hunger to support our mission of serving individuals struggling with disordered eating and negative body image.

Maiken Froemling Nielsen
Maiken Froemling Nielsen is a native Dane but has lived with her husband and kids in Marin for the last 4 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Cross Media Communication and a Bachelors Degree in Design Management. Before moving to the US she worked as a Marketing Director in Denmark’s second largest telco company. With more than 15 years experience within the advertising industry Maiken has extensive experiences working with communication on multiple levels, to multiple target groups. Maiken joined the board of Beyond Hunger in the hopes of furthering its reach and continuously help people affected by eating disorders.

Laurelee Roark, MA, CCHT, Co-founder of Beyond Hunger
Laurelee Roark, MA, CCHT, has facilitated support groups, workshops and lectured about eating disorders for more than twenty years. She is the co-founder of Beyond Hunger, and currently works for Beyond Hunger facilitating weekly groups and quarterly workshops, and training therapists. She also runs the peer education program, training teen girls to do prevention work by lecturing in the schools about intuitive eating, body image and emotional intelligence. She travels and lectures all over the country and has been featured on television, radio, newspaper articles and magazines as a specialist in the field of body image and eating disorders.

Laurelee is the co-author of “It’s Not About Food”, Putnam,1999, which was re-issued in 2008. “It’s Not About Food” is a compassionate, supportive book that can help women break the cycle of bingeing and dieting by going deep within, listening to the wisdom of the body and taking care of the self. She has also co-authored the book “Over It, a Teens Guide to Getting Beyond the Obsession with Food and Weight”, New World Library, 2000. Specifically for teens, this book explores the behaviors that lead to eating disorders and the cultural, emotional and physical reasons girls obsess about food and weight. Her newest book, “Your Name Is Edith, A Mother and Daughter Love Story”, is now out and can found at your favorite bookstore.

Cindy Soriano, CPA
Cindy Soriano is a Certified Public Accountant with expertise in the areas of strategic planning, financial budgeting and forecasting, accounting and project management. She enjoys working with leadership teams to maximize finance effectiveness through strategic planning, organizational road mapping, process implementation and employee training programs.  Cindy has a strong passion for the cause to fight the obsession with diet and weight loss in our society and joined the Beyond Hunger board to help contribute to both the prevention and treatment of individuals battling eating disorders.

Mark Voorsanger, CPCC
Mark Voorsanger is a certified professional coach with a focus on collaborative leadership and team development, with an engineering degree from UC Berkeley. Mark also facilitates an interpersonal dynamics course at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. As a Marin native and blended family father of five, Mark has firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to parent children through disordered eating and body image issues. He’s developed great compassion for the modern “screenager” who often feels overwhelmed by social pressure to maintain the “perfect image” online and in the real world, and for their parents who often struggle to provide the understanding and guidance that’s required. Through his quest to learn how to support his own children, Mark found Beyond Hunger. He is now proud to serve on the board and help advance Beyond Hunger’s mission.

Emeritus Board Members

Carol Normandi, MS, LMFT
Carol is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice since 1992. She is a co-founder of Beyond Hunger, Inc. and co-author of two books developing Beyond Hunger’s approach: It’s Not About Food, Ending Your Obsession with Food and Weight (Putnam 1998) and Over It: A Teen’s Guide To Getting Beyond Food and Weight (New World Library 2001). Carol works with adults, children, couples and families, specializing in eating disorders. She has facilitated support groups, led workshops and lectured about eating disorders since 1988.

Anna Zulaica
Anna V. Zulaica received her Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in French with a focus on Italian Studies. In her senior year of college, she served as an interpreter and translator for non-profit organizations based in San Francisco.  She has been head of marketing at a law firm in San Francisco for six years and currently, she owns her own catering company, which focuses on healthy foods and teaches classes on leading a healthy lifestyle without a diet approach.  Her delicious recipes have been published in various cookbooks on   Anna joined the Beyond Hunger team in hopes of contributing her skill set in order to successfully expose Beyond Hunger’s services to those in the community who seek help and guidance.