Beyond Hunger is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals overcome the obsession with food and weight and find a natural, loving and peaceful relationship with their food, weight, and selves. We provide support groups, workshops and education for adults and adolescents with eating disorders. Beyond Hunger uses a non-diet approach to explore body hatred and the psychological, cultural and spiritual issues underlying disorder eating.

This innovative and groundbreaking approach has helped thousands of people to overcome disordered eating and to live without the obsession with food and weight. Beyond Hunger’s process of recovery is described in the book “It’s Not About Food: Ending Your Obsession with Food and Weight”, by Normandi and Roark, co-founders of Beyond Hunger. Beyond Hunger’s unique program has been widely acclaimed by Newsweek, the Marin Independent Journal, CNN’s “Sonya Live”, KPX TV News, LA’s “Home Show”, “Maury Povich Show” and the “Ann Fraizer Show” (KGO AM). Beyond Hunger was recognized by the Marin County Board of Supervisors for our commitment and service in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders in Marin County.