DISCLAIMER:  The following list is a short list of local, individual therapists who have worked directly with Beyond Hunger’s clinical program and therefore have a solid knowledge of Beyond Hunger’s philosophy.  There are many great therapists who do wonderful work with eating disorders. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please contact us at (415) 459-2270, or contact another licensed medical or psychological healthcare provider for professional help.

Carol Normandi, MS, LMFT, Co-founder of Beyond Hunger               
(415) 488-1104

Carol Normandi is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice since 1992.  She is a co-founder of Beyond Hunger, Inc. and co-author with Laurelee Roark of two books developing Beyond Hunger’s approach: It’s Not About Food: Ending Your Obsession with Food and Weight (Putnam 1998), and Over It: A Teen’s Guide To Getting Beyond Food and Weight (New World Library 2001).  Carol works with adults, children, couples and families, specializing in eating disorders and body image disturbances.  She has facilitated support groups, led workshops, and lectured about eating disorders for more than twenty years.  Carol provides clinical consultation for Beyond Hunger. She is also the Executive of Amrita Eating Disorder Teatment.

Laurelee Roark, MA, CCHT, Co-founder of Beyond Hunger                 
(415) 497-8910

Laurelee Roark is a co-founder of Beyond Hunger, Inc. She has facilitated support groups, led workshops, and lectured about eating disorders since the 1980’s.  She is co-author with Carol Normandi of two books developing Beyond Hunger’s approach: It’s Not About Food: Ending Your Obsession with Food and Weight (Putnam 1998), and Over It: A Teen’s Guide To Getting Beyond Obsessions with Food and Weight (New World Library 2001). Laurelee facilitates support groups, workshops, conducts presentations and trains facilitators. She also provides hypnotherapy, EFT, yoga instruction and low level laser light therapy treatments. Her private practice is in San Rafael, CA.  For more information visit: www.LaureleeRoark.com

Helen Shamis, MS, LMFT,  Clinical Director of Beyond Hunger
(415) 717-7820               

Helen Shamis is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, who has lived in Marin County for almost ten years. She has worked with community non-profit programs, local mental health agencies and colleges in California since 1990. Specifically, her experience includes crisis counseling, individual, group and family treatment regarding adolescent life issues, working with children with learning disabilities and supporting clients to recovery from different eating disorders.  She has a private practice in Marin.

Beth Bernstein, MA, LMFT                                         
(510) 628-0877 x #1 

Beth Bernstein is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Oakland.  Beth has been working with individuals in her private practice since 2000 using a relational psychodynamic perspective.  Beth specializes in anxiety management, disordered eating patterns, compulsive shopping and body image issues.  She has experience with substance abuse recovery using both 12 Step and Harm Reduction models. Her writing has appeared in BUST, Bitch Magazine: Feminist Response to Popular Culture, the Health At Every Size Journal, and the anthology Bitchfest: 10 years of Bitch Magazine.

Lisa Hauck Loy, MA, LMFT                                   
(415) 459-3117

Lisa Hauck Loy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Certified Practitioner of Breema Bodywork and Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure. Lisa’s unique, dual-focused private practice in psychotherapy and bodywork reflects her life-long interest in the body/mind relationship and holistic healing.  These passions have led naturally to facilitating groups for Beyond Hunger. In her psychotherapy practice, she works with individuals and couples, opening avenues to self-esteem, satisfying relationships, and healthy bodies by healing underlying painful feelings that can stand in the way. Jin Shin Jyutsu and Breema revitalize the flow of life energy and awaken the body’s innate healing capacities. They are comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and respectful. Both offer self-help methods that empower clients to soothe, nurture, and heal themselves.  They are well suited for those with negative body image, or eating disorders, and offer a new joyous experience of “having a body”. Website: www.lisahauckloy.com

Avvy Mar, Ph.D.                                           
(415) 289-2033

Avvy Mar is a clinical psychologist  with a private practice in San Francisco and Marin County.  Avvy has been working with teenagers and adults in her private practice since 1997. Avvy combines a relational psychodynamic orientation with her  years of training  in Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practice.  Avvy initiated the Eating Disorders treatment program at Kaiser Vallejo in 1999, working with children, teens, adults and families.  Avvy  specializes in long term eating disorder recovery, trauma and abuse recovery, parenting issues with special needs children and post traumatic  issues relating to medical trauma.  Website: www.avvymar.com

Barbara Murphy, MA. Psy.D.                                         
(415) 898-9966

Barbara Murphy is a Registered Psychological Assistant (PSB33434) with a private practice at the Marin Co. Airport in Novato.  Her love of working with eating disorders has grown from her own experience of personal recovery. Barbara was part of the start-up of Quest, an Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorders Program in 2001, and managed the program for many years.  Her experience with families, adolescents, and groups has been especially fulfilling.  As a Commercial/Instrument rated pilot, Barbara also works with those who have a fear of flying.

Shannon Myers, MA, LMFT                                            
(415) 454-5191

Shannon Myers is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in San Rafael.  Shannon received her undergraduate degree at Santa Clara University and her Masters degree at the University of San Francisco.  She works with adults, couples, families, and adolescents.  Shannon has a background in family therapy and adolescent development.  Her specialties include working with issues of depression, low self-esteem, body image issues and eating disorders, parenting challenges, abuse, and life transitions.  Shannon offers a sliding scale and is aware of many community resources.  She is a member of the Marin Eating Disorders Task Force and the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.
Website: www.shannonmyers.com

Camerin Ross, PhD, RPA                                     
(415) 937-0403

Camerin Ross is finishing her post doc hours as a psych assistant with Deborah Brenner-Liss PhD, director or APTED SF and sees general psychotherapy clients and clients struggling with eating and body image in Sausalito. APTED offers a sliding scale and Camerin facilitates Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops and Mindful Eating for Binge Eating Workshops and Therapy Groups. Camerin is supervised by Deborah Brenner-Liss, PhD #PSY9452.

Meg Tinsley, MA, LMFT                                    
(707) 776-6494

Meg Tinsley received her MA in somatic (body-oriented) psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 1998 and has been  licensed since 2003.  She has worked in private practice, school-based, and hospital settings–the latter as a chemical dependency counselor for adults and adolescents in a Recovery Center.  She has also been trained in Authentic Movement, a Jungian-based dance therapy approach, and enjoys assisting clients in their healing work via creative approaches.  In addition to being a facilitator at Beyond Hunger, she is currently launching a private practice in Petaluma, and especially welcomes clients struggling with eating disorders. Website: www.megtinsleymft.com

Shannon Valentine, MA, LMFT                                      
(415) 252-4859

Shannon Valentine is a Marriage and Family Therapist providing individual and couples psychotherapy.  Shannon takes an integral approach to her work and helps clients connect more deeply to themselves in order to move beyond the debilitating effects of body, food and weight obsession.  Shannon has a background in eating disorders, body image issues, 12 step programs, and experiential work.  Shannon received her Masters degree in Integral Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.
Website: www.shannonvalentine.com

For lists of local & national eating disorder treatment centers and therapists, please visit:
The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA)
Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders (ANAD)
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