Ongoing Support Groups

We offer weekly groups for adults and teens with disordered eating/body hatred based on our philosophy. Our groups are closed and require a minimum 4 month commitment. The fee for all groups is $55/group. We have some grant funding for scholarships if you are unable to afford the full fee. Please contact us and ask for a scholarship application.

Beyond Hunger’s programs are effective.

In 2014, a comprehensive independent evaluation of our program found that Beyond Hunger group participants significantly improved on assessments measuring intuitive eating, body acceptance and emotional wisdom and experienced a reduction of eating disorder symptoms. Participants in this sample indicated overall support for the Beyond Hunger program in an online questionnaire. Most participants viewed Beyond Hunger as a positive and important part of their eating disorder, body image and eating recovery. Several themes emerged from the responses: Readiness to Change: “I have battled with bulimia& emotional eating for years and I’m ready to stop”; Connecting with Others: “Sharing each other’s feelings and experiences made me realize I was not alone”; and Group Support: “Being in a group process such as Beyond Hunger opened me up in many ways–I no longer had to keep my feelings to myself and had the opportunity to connect to people in a new way” (Dr. Camerin Ross, 2014).

Spaces available in our groups!
Call us for more information or to register.