Search beneath the obsession with weight and the quest for the ‘perfect body’. Reclaim your sacredness, your right to your own voice and your ability to make your own choices. Free yourself from the obsession with food and discover your true self. Believe that there is an end to the struggle and that you can live a life of loving, nurturing, and enjoying – your body, your mind and your soul.

OUR PROGRAMS use education, experiential exercises and group support to provide a safe environment in which to explore the underlying causes of disordered eating and body hatred.

Ongoing Support Groups

We offer weekly groups for adults and teens with disordered eating/body hatred based on our philosophy. Our groups are closed and require a minimum 4 month commitment. The fee for all groups is $55/group. We have some grant funding for scholarships if you are unable to afford the full fee. Please contact us and ask for a scholarship application.